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PSYCH-K® is a simple, fast, non-invasive way to transform the self-limiting beliefs of our “old programs” to life-enhancing ones at the mega-influential level where most beliefs originate–the subconscious mind.

PSYCH-K® is a proven and safe process that facilitates communication with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, even your physical health.... and more.

PSYCH-K® has enabled me to reach new levels of peace with a challenging relationship, as well as improve my self-care, reduce physical pain, appreciate myself, loved ones, and life more, allow myself greater creative freedom, and countless more gifts.

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What Others Have to Say

Before my PSYCH-K® session with Roslyn, I had been in constant pain and unable to access the core issue that was crucial to my healing. In doing the PSYCH-K® processes with Roslyn we uncovered and discovered the missing piece, and my body and mind changed in that moment.

The combination and balancing of a psycho-physical integration and an energetic opening has created a truly miraculous release from months of incapacitating pain. I am deeply grateful to Roslyn and her truly extraordinary gifts and abilities that allow her to transmit this work so clearly, cleanly and effectively.

- Kate Rose, West Virginia

Roslyn’s PSYCH-K® work was extremely powerful. She did an amazing job of thoroughly addressing each detail of the subconscious that came up for healing with patience, understanding, and compassion.

After allowing a few weeks to experience the resulting changes, I noticed I felt more spacious. I recognized the smallness and resistance that had been holding me back for years has loosened and released. I had been going through a spiritual death and rebirth, death of the old, small self; and the timing and results of the PSYCH-K® work has been extremely helpful in assisting me to step into the rebirth. I immediately took action in my own work with more purpose and joy, and am able to hold a bigger picture of that purpose with little fear or reluctance.

I recommend Roslyn’s work for anyone feeling stuck and wanting to move forward in life and with their life purpose.

- Leslee Morrison, Arizona

I have had many fears about my dad and me. Sometimes I haven’t felt accepted by him for who I truly am, but it is my task to love myself unconditionally! Roslyn guided me through the PSYCH-K® Relationship Balance. It was intense and sometimes hard for me to focus, but she guided me through the process very professionally, in a focused, sacred way.

Now I can embrace my dad more for who he truly is. That can be hard because we are totally different in our way of thinking and functioning. Roslyn could feel that my dad is rigid but that he also loves me very much, but cannot express it emotionally and directly. This knowing helps me accept him more.

My perception of who my dad truly is as a being of love and light has been strengthened. This session pushed me in a great way to love myself and my dad. I now have more belief in myself and all I can do for myself and others, and look forward to more after-effects from this work.

I love PSYCH-K®! Every session helps me to release trauma and stress. The way my body reacts proves to me this is working. PSYCH-K® helps me to stay grounded while working on broken pieces in myself! And in essence, we are all complete and whole/"wholy"!

- Louis H., Belgium

Before my PSYCH-K® sessions, I was often anxious, stressed and confused by the constant problem-solving mode my brain would be in. PSYCH-K® got me in touch with root issues, clearing so much confusion and mental chatter, leaving me with clarity about my direction, choices, next steps in life, and getting me in touch with my core truths, purpose, and needs. Now I am taking action on my purpose more confidently, and receiving valuable support for it from others.

Roslyn provided emotional relief and masterful guidance. We need simplification in a very complicated mentally-oriented world. Intuition and Heart can play a larger role in making the world a better place, and its time we relearn that value. PSYCH-K® plays a helpful role in that.

- Joshua Alan Brown, Arizona

Before my PSYCH-K® Core Beliefs Balance session with Roslyn, I was unaware of the limitations within my deep subconscious internal behavior affecting my daily life. With Roslyn’s gentle guidance, I made a simple but forceful energy shift into a stronger sense of self worth.

Since that time, I've become stronger in setting boundaries with myself, friends and family. I feel a deep shift from self-sabotage to self-worth. Having received physical and personal validations from the PSYCH-K® process, I've opened to experience my self-worth on a daily basis, and take time to reset or reassess as needed. My wife has noticed an exponential growth in my ability to handle heavy stressors with a more responsive nature instead of self sabotaging behaviors

I am more confident about asking for divine support and playful with receiving it - not gripping, just allowing open access. I respond to divine timing in the instant it occurs, and respect the support with unconditional love.

I appreciate the great comfort and calm Roslyn exuded during my session. She provided the most gentle and quiet atmosphere in which to conduct a personal evaluation. I am so thankful for Roslyn's sincere devotion to creating a divine space for divine connection. I take to heart Roslyn’s immensely intimate presence. All-That-Is exudes from the essence of her teachings. I am shining from the ample space I have been able to create from the divine inspiration, guidance, and fluid follow-through I've experienced through my PSYCH-K® Core Beliefs Balance with her.

- Christopher Rose, Michigan

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