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Through rhythm, rhyme, story, and whimsy, Sizzle Soar, Glow, Roar: Earth Pulse Arias brings to light the magic and marvels of our weave of Oneness with nature.

$12 U.S.

If your chakras could speak, what might they share about your desires, needs, gifts, and challenges?

How might they assist you in creating a more empowered, purpose-full, and fulfilling life?

Whether you are a novice or expert, Chakras Alive! provides a personalized guide to help you gain the spot-on insights you need to access more and more of your spirit’s unique potential.

Chakras Alive!’s activational artwork, poetry, channeled information, guided meditations, key questions, energetic healing techniques and suggestions for daily living are drawn from healing artist and holistic practitioner Roslyn Elena McGrath’s 20+ years of experience with personal, individual and group healing, and her innate talent for making higher frequencies relatable and understandable.

Chakras Alive! Deluxe Set includes:

- Autographed Full-Color
Illustrated Book

- 8-Video Downloadable

- 8 Downloadable
Meditation Recordings

- Downloadable Workbook

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Chakras Alive! autographed full-color illustrated book only,

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Would you like to bring forth your authentic wisdom to help you:

* Better recognize & act upon your true needs & desires?

* Discover new, freedom-creating perspectives on old challenges?

* Become more compassionate with yourself and others?

* Experience your interconnection with all life?

* Anchor consciousness of our oneness, wholeness and infinite possibilities?

Each Creative Wisdom Cards set contains 33 vibrant images drawn from the spiritual level of Nature, with text on the back revealing hidden realities & transformative perspectives, plus helpful suggestions on ways to reap their full benefits.

Creative Wisdom Deluxe Set includes:

- 33 Full-Color Illustrated

- Downloadable Video

- 6 Downloadable
Meditation Recordings

- Digital Workbook

- Purple Velvet Pouch for
elegant safekeeping

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Creative Wisdom Cards only (velvet pouch included)

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Want to go past surface illusions and dive deep for insights into your relationships, career, self-development & more?

The 11-step process in this workbook provides a practical structure and clear point-by-point directions to help you benefit from the wealth of wisdom within you at a whole new level.

From choosing a format for using the cards to implementing your new-found insights in your daily life, Creative Wisdom Emerging is specially designed to use with your Creative Wisdom Cards for support with any area of your life.

Author Roslyn Elena McGrath’s 20+ years of experience with personal, individual, and group self-development, workshop facilitation, and creative inquiry make Creative Wisdom Emerging’s directions easy to understand and richly rewarding.

Gift yourself a powerful tool for mining the gems of your unique wisdom with Creative Wisdom Emerging!

Creative Wisdom Emerging & Creative Wisdom Cards Set

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Creative Wisdom Emerging autographed book only

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Explore the feminine face of God and ways to more fully live your unique, Divine potential with Goddess Heart Rising.

Its original art, poetry, meditations and reflection questions guide you to connect with the Goddess within/without, drawing upon your spiritual and inner resources at new levels.

Professional artist, intuitive and healer Roslyn Elena McGrath’s 10-year process of bringing archetypal feminine energies into tangible form through paintings, workshops, poems, meditations and channeled readings supports your capacity to express your Divine nature in your daily life.

Goddess Heart Rising’s fresh, modern interpretations of timeless spiritual energies create a unique, multi-level journey that will inspire you to express your intrinsic strengths to create a more empowered and fulfilling life.

The Goddess Heart Wisdom Deluxe Set includes:

- Autographed copy of full-color
Goddess Heart
Rising: Paintings, Poems &
Meditations for Activating Your
Divine Potential

- Goddess Heart Rising
Guidance Card Set with Gauze

- Autographed copy of of full-
color illustrated
Goddess Heart
Dancing: A Self-Guided
Pathway to Light through
Imagery, Insights & Inspiration

- Goddess Heart Dancing

Guidance Card Set w/ Gauze

- Downloadable Goddess Heart
Wisdom Video

- 5 Downloadable Meditation

Recordings from A New
Radiance: Chakra Blessings
from the Divine Feminine

*Free Shipping & Handling (Continental U.S. only)

$97 U.S.

Goddess Heart Rising Autographed Book & Card Set with gauze pouch only

$40 U.S.

Connect with myriad aspects of the Sacred Feminine within yourself and the Universe through Goddess Heart Dancing to help you express your Divine nature in your day-to-day world.

Stunning original art, inspiring messages and poetry, transformative meditations, and eye-opening self-reflection exercises combine to expand upon the journey begun in Goddess Heart Rising.

You’ll be guided toward greater insights for anchoring the Divine strengths and wisdoms revealed, helping you to embody your own uniquely sacred self more fully.

Professional channel, artist, author, teacher, and healer Roslyn Elena McGrath’s 15-year process of bringing archetypal energies into focus for others’ growth and healing support you in bringing your own wholeness to light.

Fresh, modern insights into timeless spiritual energies offer a unique process to help you benefit from the gifts of the Goddess in you.

Goddess Heart Dancing will inspire you to express your innate strengths and potential for a richly fulfilling life.

Goddess Heart Dancing Autographed Book & Card Set with gauze pouch only

$40 U.S.

Ever wonder if there might be ancient knowledge to support you in living your Divine heritage and helping to create a more balanced, uplifting world?

Have you suspected there’s more to learn about biblical times and the roles played by women?

Have you wished for a skilled, compassionate guide to activate your spiritual growth to new levels?

In The Third Mary, Mary Magdalene’s mother brings to life her experience of raising an empowered, paradigm-shifting woman during patriarchal biblical times, as well as knowledge from the past, present and future, to help you to embrace your own full empowerment.

Through the visions, memories, parables, and advice found in the messages received by experienced channel Roslyn Elena McGrath, you’ll be immersed in stories offering concrete examples of the concepts shared, learn helpful spiritual practices, witness personal aspects of biblical times, and receive energetic keys for unlocking your potential greatness as part of the larger whole.

The voice of a spiritual adept working silently behind the scenes for eons to help us achieve our greater good is heard here as never before, sharing her story as both a mother and a spiritual teacher.

The Third Mary’s visionary yet down-to-earth messages are presented verbatim, bringing forth Mary Magdalene’s mother’s wisdom, strength and compassion, her Divinity and humanity, in service to your own.

Discover how the mother of a ground-breaking woman and spiritual teacher beyond time can help you to more fully live your Divine humanness and offer your best to our planetary evolution.

The Secrets of the Holy Family Deluxe Set includes:

- Autographed copy of The Third
Mary: 55 Messages for
Empowering Truth, Peace &
Grace from the Mother of Mary

- Autographed copy of Post-
Resurrection: The Family of
Mary Magdalene

- Downloadable Video on The
Secrets of the Holy Family

*Free Shipping & Handling (Continental U.S. only)

$47 U.S.

The Third Mary autographed book only

$15 U.S.

Discover a new vision of the Holy Family, revealing secrets of our past, present and future evolution.

What legacies do Mary Magdalene and Jesus, their children, Judas Iscariot, and Martha offer you?

How did their lives evolve after the Resurrection?

What roles do they play in our lives now?

A story of love, devotion to spiritual evolution, and wisdom for the ages develops through messages from Mary Magdalene, Jesus of Nazareth, their spiritually-conceived children, her sister Martha, and Judas Iscariot in this powerful follow-up to The Third Mary: Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene.

Discover their personal struggles, gifts, and lessons learned, witness their spiritual growth and teachings, and absorb their individual forms of support for us now.

Channel Roslyn Elena McGrath brings the distinct voices and essences of each family member alive through their messages about their personal and spiritual lives, and their responses to a wide array of readers’ questions on topics such as our biological and spiritual connections with them, the truth about and purpose of the Resurrection, spiritual conception, personal love, Goddess traditions, the Grail legacy, sacrifice vs. self-empowerment, Mary Magdalene’s spiritual training, the process of creating Heaven on Earth, the nature of time, and more.

Hear Mary Magdalene and those closest to her communicate as never before about their human and spiritual lives. Benefit from their energies, experiences, and wisdom to awaken your own Divinely Human nature.

Through the voices of the holy family, Roslyn McGrath’s newest book brings a rare and important glimpse into the lives and paths of Magdalene and Christ after their time in Israel. Revealing new understandings of the roles each played, each family member shares their wisdom and life experience to guide us on our life’s journey. A must read for those who yearn to know more of this amazing story of love and destiny!

– Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of I Remember Union

Post-Resurrection autographed book only

$15 U.S.

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